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The Art of Being Present.

Breema is a teaching of the heart, an expression of the unifying principle of Existence. Its purpose is to create harmony and balance between your mind, feelings, and body, and in your relationship to yourself, to others, and to all life. Breema and Self-Breema exercises express the Nine Principles of Harmony upon which they are based. These principles are distilled from a profound understanding of the universal laws that govern life, and consequently, the body, its health, and its relationship to the energetic and physical aspects of the universe. The philosophy of Breema is derived from these same laws. While, in its scope, it takes into consideration the four levels of Existence: matter, energy, Consciousness, and Awareness, and their interrelationships and essential unity, Breema is ultimately practical, and asks its students to take nothing on faith, but to accept as truth only that which they are able to verify for themselves.

The Nine Principles of Harmony

Body Comfortable
No Extra
Gentleness and Firmness
Full Participation
Mutual Support
No Judgement
Single Moment/ Single Activity
No Hurry/ No Pause
No Force

„ If you have a deep understanding of the breema principles and ­sincerly practice those principles in your daily life, you will realize that Breema is You yourself, not something You study“

Malouchek Mooshan (Self -Breema Exercises for Harmonious Life, 2001, Jon Schreiber and Denise Berezonsky)

Being present is to be yourself


„In any given moment you could be nurtured by your relationship to yourself and your surroundings, by your relationship to your body, mind and feelings, by your relationship to life and your Being. This is the aim of Self-Breema.“
Jon Schreiber, Self-Breema: Exercises for a Harmonious Life

A Self-Breema Sequence

When We Look with Conscious Energy,
We Take a New Impression

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About me

Nadine Kerbl, born 1965, profession Psychotherapist ­(Gestalttherapy and Bodypsychotherapy);
since 2010 ongoing participation and practicing Breema in ­national and international Intensives and Workshops;
Breema Practitioner, Self- Breema and Breema Instructor ­authorized and certified by the Breema Center Oakland, CA, US.

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- Self- Breema and Breema Bodywork

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